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This is a small selection of our fresh product range we offer. Please come into our store or call us for any product which is not listed and we will be happy to help you. To see our full product range we offer, please click on the button above to download the full list.


* Chicken or Lamb Mince                                                             * Lamb / Cow / Beef Feet                                                

* Chicken or Lamb Fillet Cubes                                                   * Lamb / Mutton / Goat Shoulder, Leg, Neck, Back Chops

* Full Range, Rooster, Baby Chickens                                        * Chicken Legs with skin or without

* Lamb / Mutton / Goat Chops                                                     * Chicken Wings                                                                                                  

* Lamb / Mutton Ribs                                                                   * Baby Chicken                                                                  

* Chicken / Lamb / Beef Burgers                                                 * Tandoori Style Chicken                                              

* Beef / Lamb / Mutton Steaks                                                     * Broiler Chicken / Rooster Chicken / Hen / Oven Ready

* Beef T-Bone, Rib Eye, Sirloin, Fillet                                          * Chicken / Lamb Leg Boneless

* Beef Boneless Top Side, Knuckle, Shin                                   * Chicken Gizzard                                                                                                          

* Lamb / Beef / Mutton / Goat Shaki                                            * Whole Duck and Turkey Drumsticks or Wings

* Beef Oxtail, Beef Feet                                                                * Duck Breasts or Legs

* Boneless Chicken / Lamb / Mutton/ Beef                                   * Whole Rabbit Hare    

* Lamb / Goat / Mutton Leg                                                           * Fresh Home Made Chicken, Lamb, Beef Sausages & Burgers

* Chicken / Lamb / Mutton / Goat / Beef Liver or Kidney or Heart  

* All Kind Of Fish, Whole Rohu, Mrigal or Boal, Whole Tilapia Clean, Tilapia or Pangasius Fillets, Masala Fish, and Many More

* Any Meat Mince from Ordinary, Leg, Chicken, Beef , Lamb With Onions and Chillies If Required




















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